"We met with Jim and he helped us through the process of designing a room addition that met all of our needs. He was knowledgeable in all aspects of the construction and continues to follow up to insure our complete satisfaction. We would refer Jim Kinzer to any of our friends that are considering any type of home construction or remodeling."

Kirk & Dian Simmons

"Kinzer Builders completed our 4,600-square-foot home in Butterfly Mountain Estates in 2008.  We are extremely satisfied with the entire process and have nothing but accolades for Kinzer as a custom home builder.  From our perspective, Kinzer exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the home building process--including cost, schedule, attention to detail, knowledge of building practices, and, most importantly, the ability to interpret and execute the specific needs and eccentricities of the discriminating customer.  We would highly recommend his company to anyone with homebuilding--specifically custom homes--as well as any other general contracting needs.  We have built several other custom homes in the past, both in Tucson and out of state, and, after working with Kinzer, we cannot see why anyone would want to use any other firm to build their dream!!!  Kinzer is #1 on our list."

Bill & Phyllis Salmond

"When's the last time you had a contractor finish a job UNDER budget?!? Until I had work done by Jim Kinzer, I didn't think that was possible. Jim not only did a phenomenal, fast job on my home, he was professional, easy-to-reach (WOW!) and came by for followup repairs and touchups whenever we needed him to. Plus, the project came in a few thousand dollars under-budget. I just wish Jim would move to New York so he could work on my place there!"

Lisa Lampanelli

"We had Jim Kinzer as our contractor to do a major expansion of our garage, and additional work on an office and bedroom suite. We could not have picked anyone better in our opinion. He was thorough, and precise in his bidding process, and we had no cost overruns other than the ones we choose to make ourselves and they were handled in a timely manner. His sub-contractors were very good at what they did, cleaned up at the end of the day which was duly noted by our neighbors, I may add, and the work was completed on time and looks great and we are so pleased. If and when we have another project of this size we would not hesitate to use Jim again. We really cannot speak highly enough of this man."

Karen & Yvon Bergevin

"I hired Jim Kinzer to provide his expert construction management skills for a remodel of my home.  This involved adding a garage, large walk-in closet and other improvements inside of my house in Skyline Bel Air Estates.  The work was performed on time and on budget.  It was a genuine pleasure to work with Jim on this project.  His construction knowledge and attitude made it a successful project and I would not hesitate to hire him again."

David Acklin

"We have known Jim Kinzer, the owner of Kinzer Builders, for a long time. He was the supervisor during the building of our residence in 1996. After he started up Kinzer Builders he recently built a 6000 sq ft addition to our office/warehouse, which was finished on time and within budget. We are very impressed with his workmanship and attention to detail. We definitely will use the services of Kinzer Builders in the future, when we start building our new house. "

Johan & Henny van Dalen

“Jim has built two projects for me over the past 5 years and I would definitely have him build my next house too. He demands quality work from his subcontractors and has a great eye for detail. He can be trusted to stand behind his work and goes the extra mile to make sure his customer is happy with every aspect of the job.”

Frank van Straalen

“We’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to work for some of the best builders in Tucson, so when it came time to build our own custom home we knew exactly who we wanted for the job. The one contractor who would not only get the job done right, but communicate with us along the way, that builder was Jim with Kinzer Builders.

Jim takes pride in all that he does; he is Honest, Reliable and Dependable. He is the very best at what he does and he takes the time to walk you through all the processes in building your home. Also Jim takes that extra time to communicate with all of his subcontractors to ensure that your home is built the way you want it. No matter whether it’s a remodel or a “from the ground up” project Jim will make sure the job gets done right. We have been in our home several years now and have created many incredible memories here. We love our home and we loved our decision to have Kinzer Builders create us a special and unique custom home. When we build again or if any of our friends need a builder we will always refer them to Kinzer Builders."

James & Cyndie Cruze, New Frontiers Painting, Inc.
The story of Quail House, the home that earned Kinzer Builders
the SAHBA Custom Builder of the Year award in 2013.

"In 2012, we solicited bids for our small home, and for many reasons we chose Jim Kinzer of Kinzer Builders. Not only did Jim’s genial and genuine manner inspire confidence, he prepared a proposal that blew us away. Inviting us into his home to discuss it, Jim had estimated the costs in detail, presenting them in a charted format, with phases of construction laid out according to both lead and production times. The following August, when we were back in town for groundbreaking, Jim squired us around to various vendors in order to select materials and colors—doors and windows, cabinetry, appliances, everything—getting us to consider options so that when the time came for ordering supplies, we would be ready. All along the way Jim advised us as to what would and would not look good and what might save a little money. Most important, he saved us the grief of making bad decisions. We valued his opinions and trusted his judgment.

Like us, Jim wanted to disturb as little of the desert as possible, and even though the various constraints of the project presented quite a puzzle, Jim was nonetheless eager to take on the challenge of locating this crazy little house and driveway so as to mesh with existing drainage and topography, and to minimize disturbance of vegetation. With his imaginative eye (artistry ever more apparent as things progressed) Jim discerned how to incorporate existing flora into the layout (such as the big “family” of maturing saguaros under the old mesquite right outside the front door), which elicited queries from neighbors, such as what professional landscaper we had hired for the job. Jim managed to site the house away from the road, its patio tucked out of sight, with views overlooking the mesoriparian area and up at the mountains. Perfect.

We returned to St. Louis during the first half of the construction, and Jim kept us updated by sending us e-mails detailing the progress, along with related photos every Friday evening. Billing followed the progress and included vendors’ invoices and releases. Questions were answered immediately.

As with Jim’s artistry, we came to appreciate more and more his personal and verbal skills, along with his undaunted persistence. For example, Jim expedited permits and approvals through bureaucracies. Later, when the planned septic drain field failed the perc test, he discovered an alternate location, which, remarkably, did not need a special and costly septic system. Another unexpected slowdown occurred in getting electricity to the property from six hundred feet away, which involved hassles with the utility company and required diplomacy with neighbors worried about digging up the dirt road we all pay to maintain. And when the concrete on the patio was poured a little out of line with that of the house, Jim wanted it corrected. When Rebecca said, “Jim, it’s not that noticeable; it will take some heavy work. Why do you need to do it?” With a sigh, he retorted, “Because I notice it, and I hate it.” Details!

Jim’s professionalism is also evident in his choice of, and relationships with, his sub-contractors. From the get-go—we were there for the groundbreaking in August of ‘12--the site was kept clean, no debris escaping the disturbed area. While we were back in St. Louis, the concrete, ironwork, framing, drywall, and rough electrical and plumbing were all completed. When we got back to Tucson in January, Jim had the entire concrete floor covered with construction paper and OSB sheets to protect it. The men Jim hired—and whom we met throughout the final months of building—clearly respect Jim and aim to please him.

There’s a lot more to say about Jim’s guidance and management on every matter down to the very finish: how the wrought iron gates ought to swing, how to wire the internet and audio-visual equipment to make everything uncluttered and efficient, what gravel to choose, and so on. Jim accomplished every task with a personal touch, like the comfy trapezoidal bed of Astroturf beside the patio for our German Shepherd. The turf had been intended for a putting green (which didn’t work out) at his own home.

At the end of the process Jim gave us a thick three-ring binder containing all of the appliance operation manuals and other helpful info, each segment indexed for easy reference. After we settled up, there were still a couple of things to attend to, some outside details with the water tank and iron girders, which Jim has completed.

We are thrilled with our desert home that we call Quail House. We have no reservations whatsoever about the entire process, from the original design by Eglin and Bresler Architects, to the fabulous realization of our every idea by Jim Kinzer Construction. We got more than we ever expected or imagined, and at reasonable cost. It was all a lot of fun. Good vibes in that little house. We spent a month there this past August and can’t wait to get back. Thank you, Jim, for Quail House."

Kevin Kyle and Rebecca Richardson (and Liesl-the-Diesel-Dog)
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