About Kinzer Builders, LLC:

Kinzer Builders opened for business in April of 2005. My name is Jim Kinzer and I am the owner. I have been in the construction business since 1977, and am a carpenter by trade. During the last twenty years I have provided the professional services of Construction Coordinator, Construction Manager, Project Manager, and Vice President of Construction.

One of the primary reasons I started the company is my enjoyment of building unique and innovative projects. Whether a residential or commercial project, I am able to assist in site selection, while working closely with the client and architect through the design process. I develop budgets, establish the scope of work and schedules, after which I select top quality trades, and execute the project in an expedient and organized manner.

Kinzer Builders is a member of the Southern Arizona Homebuilders Association (SAHBA) and one of their Certified Custom Builders. From 2010 to 2012, I am serving as SAHBA Chairman of the Custom Builders Council and the Certified Custom Builders Program. As a Certified Custom Builder, Kinzer Builders meets or exceeds state and program professional standards concerning conduct with customers, adherence to building codes and government regulations, as well as maintaining an absence of complaints on file with the SAHBA office and the State Registrar of Contractors.

Some of the advantages I believe my company offers:

about usI am the salesman, estimator, project manager, field supervisor, and customer service department. What I’m saying here is there is no fragmentation of the information needed to build your project between the company owner, salesperson, estimator, manager, and field supervisor. I integrate these functions. If there is an issue, all I have to do is look in the mirror to see who is responsible.

I consult and coordinate for the client on the colorizations and selections with vendors and subcontractors. This is followed by estimating, interpretation and communication of the plans with the architect and engineers, leading to field management and supervision of the project to its completion.

A builder’s product is only as good as the people working on the job. I have worked with most of my subcontractors and vendors for 5 to 15 years. These partners know how I run my projects and are familiar with my expectations and high standards. I choose only quality trades and vendors. When I prepare the budget, costs are quoted for the full specifications and scope of work, clearly identifying what is included, excluded, and what is allowanced.

My goal is to have a happy and satisfied client, through the course of the project, at move-in, and for as long as they own the building.


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